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Belt Grinding Machine FAQ

duhui 2022-01-20

About Belt Grinding Machine:


Belt Grinding Machine FAQ

Many brands of Belt Grinding Machine have different prices and different quality! How to determine the quality of Belt Grinding Machine? Then we need to analyze the quality problems of the Belt Grinding Machine, which are generally as follows:

1. Vibration problem: Some Belt Grinding Machines are hung with abrasive belts. After starting the machine, the machine vibrates a lot. If it is not fixed, it will "run around"! What is the reason? The main reason is that the balance of the rotating wheel is not good! The rotating wheel has a rubber wheel, a guide wheel, and a motor pulley. One of the three rotating wheels has poor accuracy, poor balance, and poor machine jitter! Another reason is that the fitting clearance of the parts of the support wheel is too large, causing relative movement between the parts and vibration. Then, the motor is not fixed well, and it also produces vibration.

2. Noise problem: The noise is mainly due to the lack of rigidity of the base and supporting parts, and the excessive clearance of the matching parts (the processing equipment of some factories is very poor and backward, and the quality awareness is poor, the manufactured parts are very bad, and there is almost no matching tolerance. requirements!), the selection of low-quality bearings, the speed of the abrasive cloth belt is too fast, etc.

Belt Grinding Machine

3. Life problems: some Belt Grinding Machines broke down after a short period of time. There are several reasons: the adjustment part is made of gray cast iron, and 45# carbon steel is not used for precision casting, or heat treatment is not carried out, the bearing quality is not good, and the lubrication is not good. Good, the spindle has not undergone modulation heat treatment, or the hardness of the treatment is too low or too high (too low and easy to wear, too high to break), the quality of the motor is not good.

4. Problems in use: The size and structure of the machine are very important. Better structure and scientific size are the keys to the efficiency of polishing workers.

Due to the continuous development of technologies such as the Belt Grinding Machine, the role of belt grinding in the metalworking industry has become irreplaceable. Metalworking tasks such as surface polishing, round polishing, dressing polishing and grinding, radius polishing, chamfering and deburring can be accomplished with the help of advanced belt polishing equipment. With a modular design, this can increase the flexibility of the equipment and reduce costs. Industrial batch processing companies place high demands on the flexibility of the equipment used. Using a modular technical solution can reduce production costs and save storage space in the production workshop. The return on investment of the equipment is also very high if only the components required for each processing step need to be added to the basic equipment.

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