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Wide-belt-sanding-machine SG1300-JS/SG1300-2JS

One or more units of SG1300-JS/SG1300-2JS machine(s) are able to form a stainless steel sheet/coil surface finishing machine line. It utilizes wide abrasive belt heads with oil to achieve optimal result of surface finishing (Most commonly seen surface finishing types are No.4 and Hairline). The surface finishing created is more delicate and smooth comparing to dry operation machine. The whole machine line usually consists of one or multiple SG1300 series machines, connecting roller conveyors between machines, degreasing machine, cleaning and drying machine, and lastly surface laminating machine. For coil to coil finishing line, it is composed by decoiler, straightener, and coiler. Two side finishing is also available with additional “bottom sanding” SG1300 series machine.


Wide-belt-sanding-machine - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation


Machine characteristic overview



1.       Oil/wet operation


2.       No.4 and Hairline (HL) machines:


-Large dimeter rubberized contact wheels for optimal surface contacting


-SKF precision bearings are used to achieve optimal performance and durability


-Jonsen patented automatic wide abrasive belt tracking mechanism


3.       Rubberized roller type conveyor to provide smooth feeding


4.       Smooth and smart integration between SG1300 machine(s) and degreasing, cleaning,  drying, and laminating machines to achieve one-pass processing.


5.       Real time process monitoring system is available


Wide-belt-sanding-machine - JONSEN SANDER


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Technical datasheet


Maximum working width available






Line speed to the wide abrasive belt (depend on the type of surface finishing)






Working thickness range






Perimeter of the wide abrasive belt






Surface finishes available



No.4, Hairline (HL)


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