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Why do you need a deburring machine

duhui 2022-01-07

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Why do you need a deburring machine

If your shop regularly machines parts, you've probably had to deal with unwelcome burrs on your workpieces. These imperfections are unsightly, and more importantly, they reduce the functionality and safety of each affected part. You need a reliable way to remove burrs and provide smooth, quality components.

deburring machine

Deburring is the process of removing the small imperfections known as burrs from machined metal products.

Machining processes shape a piece of metal in different ways. Stamping, for instance, presses the workpiece in a die set, while milling uses a rotating tool to shave metal off a workpiece. Processes like these don't always work perfectly, though — they may leave small ridges or protrusions of metal known as burrs.

Burrs compromise the quality of the finished part if they are not removed. After machining or welding, deburring removes these imperfections to provide a smooth, reliable metal part.

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