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Hangzhou Xiangsheng Abrasive Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, focusing on metal surface treatment technology for 26 years. It has 23 invention patents and more than 80 utility model patents. It is the first establishment unit of China's metal sanding machine industry standard. The industry has formulated 20 industry standards, which have rich experience and various solutions for thin plates, thick plates, grinding, deburring, slagging, trimming, rounding, and other different materials, different thicknesses, and different process requirements.
Xiangsheng has been keeping close contact with customers, gaining trust from customers, looking for problems in the production line, providing solutions, researching and developing equipment suitable for customers, providing more than 10,000 for precision sheet metal manufacturing, engineering machinery manufacturing, rare metals and other industries Three solutions, more than 300 safe, efficient and economical equipment.

Focus on the international perspective and create unlimited value.


Independent research
and development

Xiangsheng has always attached importance to research and development and respected intellectual property rights. In the past 26 years, it has 23 invention patents and nearly 80 utility model patents.

Corporate social

In the future, we will continue to optimize products, cultivate talents, focus on the international perspective, create unlimited value, and make greater contributions to social development.



The company has an independent factory, covering an area of more

than 7,000 square meters, to ensure the output and high quality of the products;

in addition, we also have complete production equipment and complete research

and development testing equipment


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