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Belt Grinding Machine FAQ

duhui 2022-01-14

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Belt Grinding Machine FAQ

How to extend the life of the abrasive belt

The abrasive belt production process has extremely strict requirements on the abrasive belt substrate, abrasive, binder and sand planting density, and the life of the abrasive belt ends prematurely. Often caused by improper use,

Belt Grinding Machine


Blockage is that the gap between the abrasive grains is quickly covered and filled with chips before the abrasive grain cutting edge is completely blunted, so that the abrasive belt loses its cutting ability. There are many reasons for the blockage, most of which are caused by improper use, material to be processed and selection of abrasive belts.


In the grinding process, although all the abrasive grains are still present, the sharpness is already very poor. This is due to the dulling of the abrasive grain cutting edge due to wear, a phenomenon known as blunting. Normal blunting is the end of the life of the abrasive belt. Obviously, the "blunting" we refer to here is when the abrasive grains have not been used up, mainly caused by the selection or improper use of the abrasive belt.

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