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What are the types of deburring in sheet metal deburring machine equipment

duhui 2021-06-07

  What are the types of deburring in sheet metal deburring machine equipment?

  Product burrs will appear during sheet metal processing, and there are many types of product burrs. Because of different sheet metal profiles, different shapes and structures, and different processing methods, the burrs formed are also different.

sheet metal deburring machine equipment

  The following content is the sheet metal deburring machine manufacturer-JONSEN SANDER introduces the types of sheet metal deburring.

  1. Cold cutting burrs are caused by the workpiece's grain shear slippage and plastic deformation under the action of cutting force, which causes the processed material to be squeezed and torn, resulting in fracture and stretching on the surface or junction of the part. Plastic deformation of burrs. When the plastic deformation zone is not deep into the cutting surface, the surface of the workpiece generally does not produce burrs. For example, the workpiece after CNC punching will leave a sharp edge or micro burr on one side.

  2. The burr of thermal cutting refers to that after laser cutting of metal materials such as carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, copper, aluminum, etc., the cutting surface of the workpiece leaves a sharp cutting edge and a trace, but it is very easy to cause scratches on the human body. Injured glitch. If the laser head is not adjusted properly, sharp burrs and slag that are not easy to remove and oxides adhering to the cutting edge area will appear. Using laser cutting to cut carbon steel will also leave a thin and thick oxide scale around the incision, which will affect the quality of the next coating process.

  3. The surface of the workpiece after plasma and flame cutting will also leave a lot of sharp burrs or slag and thick oxide skin. These burrs, cutting edges or oxides will cause human body injury and affect the next processing procedures, leading to triggering Serious product quality problems. Therefore, the workpieces after laser, plasma, and flame cutting are required to remove slag, burrs and round corners. This requires professional processing equipment to complete.

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