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What are the characteristics of sheet metal deburring machine equipment

duhui 2021-05-31

  What are the characteristics of sheet metal deburring machine equipment?

What are the characteristics of sheet metal deburring machine equipment

  Features of sheet metal deburring machine:

  1. The cost is low, the main shaft adopts 25MM aperture general consumables, and the consumables have no binding limit;

  2. The processing speed is fast, and the single unit or multi-unit models can be selected according to the needs of processing efficiency, and the conveying speed can be adjusted from 0.1 to 2.8 meters per minute;

  3. Variable frequency adjustment to meet various processing needs

  4. Even processing without damaging the front surface or the protective film;

  5. The operation is simple, the products are placed on the conveyor belt and sent out automatically by the machine;

  6. Digital display of cutting friction force, frequency, and conveying speed are digitized, concise, clear and stable;

  7. The product is not deformed after processing, has high efficiency, and does not affect the dimensional accuracy and thickness;

  8. For stubborn burrs, each unit can be equipped with grinding wheels of different thicknesses, and the rear unit is used for polishing, and the effect is close to mirror light.

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