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Simple yet efficient wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-JS

Xiangsheng's products are popular all over the world, mainly used for laser cutting, punching and material processing of plane workpiece surface treatment.

Whether it is cleaning the plane with scratches to obtain a consistent surface, or brushing the surface to increase the adhesion of subsequent spraying, or as a requirement for batch deburring, SG1030-JS can do it all.

Simple yet efficient wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-JS
Simple yet efficient wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-JS

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About wide abrasive belt grinding machine



Wide abrasive belt grinding machines are perfect for grinding large parts quickly. They can handle a wide variety of materials and produce a smooth finish.


Wide abrasive belt grinding machines are becoming increasingly popular for grinding and deburring a variety of parts. They have a large area to grind and remove material, making them perfect for precision applications such as aircraft and automotive manufacturing.



About surface Metal grinding machine



The surface metal grinding machine is a type of industrial grinding machine used in manufacturing processes. It is also known as CNC milling machine, because it uses computers to control the movements of the grinding and cutting tools. The surface metal grinding machine can be used for a variety of tasks, including milling, turning, and drilling.


Surface metal grinding machines are widely used in the production of various engineering materials. They can grind a variety of metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel.






1. Dry processing, low production and maintenance costs.


2. Set the opening of the equipment and batch processing through batch processing, which is simple and efficient. ​​


2. Synchronous lifting system of four-column table, with high temperature resistant conveyor belt.


3. Xiangsheng patented wide belt trajectory control system.


4. It must be equipped with vacuuming equipment.

The core high-speed rotating parts are assembled with imported bearings.



In order to adapt to the grinding needs and delivery surfaces of different customers, we provide professional customized model services.


Such as: multi-station abrasive belt or polishing wheel grinding station for fine surface; vacuum or magnetic work bed for processing small parts; multi-machine combination precision grinding and polishing production line, etc.


Width options: 630mm, 1030mm, 1300, 1600mm, etc.






Commonly used consumables: strong annular wide abrasive belts of various particle sizes.

Suitable for processing: stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.





SG1030-JS Specification

Machine working width


Working thickness


Feed speed





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