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Efficient wet operation wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-WJS

Jonsen SG1030-WJS wet type wide belt grinding machine is widely used in sheet metal fabrication and material production. 

SG1030-WJS is very used to process material like Aluminum-magnesium alloy, zirconium, titanium, thin stainless steel etc.  

The life time of abrasive belt on wet machine is longer than dry type machine. 

Efficient wet operation wide abrasive belt grinding machine SG1030-WJS

Wet operation Grinding Finishing Machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About wet operation Grinding Finishing Machine


The wet operation grinding finishing machine is an outstanding tool for grinding and finishing of various materials. It has a large variety of applications in the manufacturing industry such as metal stamping, forging, machining and plastic processing. It is also used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries where it is used to produce high-quality parts.


A wet operation Grinding Finishing Machine is designed to provide a high quality and smooth finish on grinding wheels, discs and other finishing machinery parts. This type of machine has a number of advantages that make it an ideal choice for applications such as aerospace, automotive, medical and scientific industries.


About Efficient Grinding Finishing Machine


The efficient grinding finishing machine is a very important tool in manufacturing. It is used for the final processing of the products before they are packaged for shipping. This machine can be used to smooth out the surface of the product, and it also has the ability to create sharp edges.


An efficient grinding finishing machine is a must-have for any business that manufactures high-quality products. This machine will save you time and money while ensuring the highest quality end product. With its precise and consistent grinding, this machine will ensure your products are of the same quality each time.



1. Wet processing, excellent surface grinding effect. 

2. Set the opening of the equipment, and process it efficiently in batches.

3. The four-column synchronous lifting system of the external worktable patented by Xiangsheng.

4. Xiangsheng patented wide belt trajectory control system

5. Stainless steel grinding fluid filtration system

6. The conveyor belt adopts oil-resistant acid and alkali-resistant rubber conveyor belt

7. The core high-speed rotating parts are assembled with imported bearings.


Optional models:

1. Multiple sets of abrasive belts or polishing wheel grinding stations are used for the finest surfaces

2. Magnetic conveyor bed is used to process small plane parts

3. The sanding width can be selected from 350mm, 630mm, 1030mm, 1300, 1600mm, etc.


4. Multi-machine combination precision grinding and polishing production line.


Common consumables: powerful annular abrasive belts of various sizes and barrel-shaped non-woven polishing wheels

Suitable for processing: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum-magnesium alloy, rubber, etc.




Max.working width


Working thickness


Feed speed




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