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Efficient metal deburring edge rounding and finishing machine SGP800

SGP800 is equipped with a 830mm wide belt grinding station and four pcs of abrasive strip brush deburring station.  After processing of SGP800, a clean, burr free and edge smooth parts can be used for the next bending job.  Compared with the dusty and boring manual type deburring way, the SGP800 provide a clean, and easy deburring work. 

Efficient metal deburring,edge rounding and finishing machine SGP800

Sheet metal Edge Rounding Machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About sheet metal Edge Rounding Machine


The sheet metal Edge Rounding Machine is a precision and reliable tool for rounding metal edges. It features a rounding head that can create even and precise rounds, making it ideal for industrial applications. The machine is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.


sheet metal Edge Rounding Machine can be used to round the corners of aluminum, brass, copper and other metals. The machine has an arc welder which welds the metal edge to make a smooth rounded surface. After welding, the machine uses a cutting wheel to create a precise rounded corner.



About Edge Rounding Machine



An edge rounding machine is a type of machining tool used to create rounded edges on objects. The machine uses a series of sharpened cutting edges to create the desired rounded edge. The process can be automated, making it an ideal choice for production-line applications.


Edge rounding machines are used to round the edges of parts. They can be used to round the entire edge of a part or just the corners. The machine uses a series of closely spaced blades to round the edge.






1. The whole frame is welded and sandblasted, and the whole machine is powder-coated for surface treatment, which has good rigidity and durability.


2. The powerful wide abrasive belt grinding front station is used for large burr pretreatment or surface drawing, servo lifting and precision grinding. 



3. Four sets of flexible grinding roller sets, the adjacent two sets are forward and reverse rotation directions, and the entire grinding assembly revolves evenly to ensure that the abrasive cloth strips fully contact every corner of the workpiece. 



4. The vacuum conveying platform can process workpieces with a minimum surface of 60x60mm and few holes. 



5. Imported bearings are used for high-speed rotating parts.


5. Only for the corners of the workpiece and the edge of the hole, the surface effect is very small, and the film board can be processed with film.


6. Machinable surface micro-molding or surface machining parts


7. Long service life of consumables, even consumption


8. The operation is convenient and intuitive, and the equipment has a built-in LED light source to observe the internal processing status.


9. Touch-screen friendly operation interface.


10. For dry processing, this equipment is matched with Xiangsheng wet vacuum cleaner. 


Optional models:



1. All-in-one machine for deburring, deburring, micro-chamfering, and dust collection patented by Xiangsheng


Small footprint, flexible processing and excellent quality.



2. Abrasive belt and deburring grinding roller set are customized according to customer's process requirements





Suitable for processing:


1. Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials. 





2. Allow the workpiece with protective film to be processed while retaining the protective film to the greatest extent. 



3. Deburring workpieces with a thickness within the range of 0.5mm-50mm and a width within 800mm.


4. The large chamfering process requirements before spraying.




Max. working width



Wide belt+ abrasive stip brush

Machine opening


PCS of brushes


Feed speed




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