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Efficient wet operation barrel brushing machine SG630-3WB

Jonsen SG630-3WB wet type machine used for flat metal components and metal material production company.  

The working stations consist of abrasive nylon barrel brush and scotch brite nylon brush which work on the surface and edge of the metal parts.  

It is very used for those cooling processing material, like precision stainless steel parts, aluminium magnesium alloy etc. 

The precision paper filtration make sure grinding grains left on paper.

After processing, there will be an even and smooth finishing surface and edges. 

Efficient wet operation barrel brushing machine SG630-3WB
Efficient wet operation barrel brushing machine SG630-3WB

Sheet metal Grinding Finishing Machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About sheet metal Grinding Finishing Machine



The following is an introduction to a sheet metal grinding finishing machine. This machine is used to finish the edges of sheet metal products. It has become increasingly more important to have smooth and accurate edges on finished products because of the increasing demand for quality products. The finishing machine uses a rotating blade to smooth out the edges of the metal product.


The sheet metal grinding finishing machine is used to sharpen and refine the edges of metal sheets. The precise, controlled motion of the grinder quickly and easily finishes the job by smoothing out the sharp edges. The machine is also good for polishing metal surfaces.



About metal Grinding Finishing Machine



After the metal has been cut, it is ready for grinding. A metal grinding finishing machine is used to smooth out the rough edges on the metal. This machine is also used to make sure that the metal is of a consistent thickness.


Metal grinding finishing machine are used for fine grinding of aluminum, brass, copper and other metals. The machine utilizes both cylindrical and conical polishing stones to produce a highly polished finish on the metal surface. These machines are very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications including automotive, appliance, jewelry and other metal crafts.






1. Wet processing, excellent surface grinding effect.


2. Set the opening of the equipment, and process it efficiently in batches.


3. The four-column synchronous lifting system of the external worktable patented by Xiangsheng.


4. Three sets of roller brushes can be processed individually or in combination


5. Stainless steel grinding fluid filtration system


6. The conveyor belt adopts oil-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant conveyor belt



7. The core high-speed rotating parts are assembled with imported bearings.


Common consumables: nylon wire roller brush with abrasive, non-woven roller brush, etc.

Suitable for processing: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum-magnesium alloy





Max. working width


Working thickness


Feed speed


Size of brush  


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