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Xiangsheng brand large flat metal plate surface grinding series SG1650-WJS+B

Xiangsheng brand large flat metal plate surface grinding series is used for surface treatment of large flat workpieces and ultra-wide metal plates, and is used for surface roughening, decorative silk processing, polishing and other processes. The conveyor table is designed as a reciprocating processing mode for processing large workpieces and sheets. The required process can be completed by changing the coarse and fine particle size of the abrasive belt. In order to meet different processing needs, the model is equipped with double abrasive belts, abrasive belts + polishing wheels, etc.

Xiangsheng brand large flat metal plate surface grinding series SG1650-WJS+B

Flat metal Grinding Finishing Machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About flat metal Grinding Finishing Machine



The flat metal grinding finishing machine is a great tool for the production of small to medium size parts. The machine can be used to produce parts with high accuracy and finish. The flat metal grinding finishing machine is able to produce parts with a smooth surface that can be easily finished.


This is a flat metal grinding finishing machine that can be used to sharpen blades, grind metals, and polish surfaces. The machine has a number of features that make it ideal for use in the manufacturing industry.



About plate surface grinding Finishing Machine



With the increasing demand of the production industry need for a quality plate surface grinding finishing machine has become apparent. Plate surface grinding is a process that is used to create sharp and smooth surfaces on metal plates. This type of machinery requires precision and accuracy in order to produce the best possible results.


The plate surface grinding finishing machine is an advanced equipment that can be used to finish the surfaces of metal plates. This machine has high precision and can achieve the desired results quickly and easily. The machine is also able to handle large plates, which makes it a popular choice for manufacturing companies.






1. The abrasive belt contact roller adopts SKF bearing, which is stable and reliable


2. High rigidity frame, the machine has a long service life and is stable


3. Overall roller conveying, smooth and powerful


4. The front and rear workbenches and the host workbench can be lifted synchronously


5. Equipped with precision filtration and grinding fluid circulation system


6. Worktable reciprocating processing mode


7. Width: 1300mm/1650mm/1900mm optional



Optional models:



multiple sets of abrasive belts/polishing wheels for grinding and polishing





Maximum processing width


Processing thickness


Minimum processing length


Belt Specifications


Feeding speed


total power


Machine size





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