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Special design for an efficient deburring and clening laser cutting part SG1030-NG+JS

Laser cutting has high efficiency and high utilization rate of plates. SG1030-NG+JS can efficiently handle the explosion point and slag of the plane parts after cutting, and preserve the original workpiece surface to the greatest extent.

Efficient and clean automatic grinding processes can significantly reduce labor and consumables costs. Suitable for batch processing of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Special design for an efficient deburring and clening laser cutting part SG1030-NG+JS

Efficient automatic deburring machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About efficient automatic deburring machine



Deburring is a process of cleaning and smoothing the edges of a metal surface. In the past, deburring was done manually using knives or sandpaper. Today, there are machines that do the job for us. One such machine is the efficient automatic deburring machine.


The efficient automatic deburring machine is a very important tool in the manufacturing process. It removes burrs and other irregularities from the surface of a part, making it ready for further machining or finishing. This type of machine is especially useful when working with delicate materials, such as plastic or metal.



About metal edge deburring machine



In today's manufacturing industry, there is a tremendous demand for tools that can smooth and remove metal edges. One of the most popular tools for this purpose is a metal edge deburring machine. These machines use a series of sharp blades to quickly and precisely remove metal edges from objects. They are widely used in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, and toolmaking.


This metal edge deburring machine is a great choice for manufacturing companies that need to deburr metal edges quickly and efficiently. It has a high-speed motor that enables it to work quickly and easily, and its durable construction ensures that it will last for years.



Machine description:



1.Feed through type by conveyer belt. 


2.Efficient processing by setting the machine opening.  


3.Four pillar jackscrew table lift system and heat resistant rubber coated conveyer belt.


4.Jonsen patent abrasive belt tracking control system.  


5.Machine work with dust collector 


6.Contact drum use SKF bearing 


7.Jonsen patent adjustable magnetic force table for various size of carbon steel.


Xiangsheng's patented adjustable permanent magnet table technology is used to fix small iron parts and is durable.



Option model:



Option 1: 


For those plasma and laser cutting parts, use  Jonsen patent deslagging station to do the slag removal first.   It is efficient job to KNOCK OUT the slag first. Then use the two belts for the deburring and surface finishing


Option 2: 


If customer want a edge rounding after the belt grinding and deburring, Jonsen offer a patent abrasive flap/nylon belt station after the two belts station.


Option 3: 


Can offer in and out feed conveyor connection with Laser cutting machine to make a cutting/deburring work line.


Deburring tooling: Various grit and grain of  wide belt and narrow belt. 

Good for process: Carbon steel, stainless steel etc.


Specification of SG1030-NG+JS

Max.working width


Working thickness


Feed speed




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