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Special double abrasive belt grinding and wire drawing polishing equipment for forming box SG2500-2

SG2500-2 is widely used for surface finishing, polishing, and weld bead sanding of formed parts such as boxes, cabinets, and etc. It is the perfect machine to replace manual sanding.

SG2500-2 has two abrasive belt heads parallel to each other. Various type and grit of abrasive belt can be installed for specific applications. It is equipped with double working tables: patented vacuum holder for holding and affixing small enclosures, and the standard working bench for placing large enclosures and cabinets. It is ideal in processing electrical cabinets and enclosures.

Special double abrasive belt grinding and wire drawing polishing equipment for forming box

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About abrasive belt grinding Finishing Machine



The abrasive belt grinding Finishing Machine is the perfect machine for small to medium sized finishers. It offers fast and easy grinding of belts, pads and discs. The machine has a high speed and low vibration design for consistent performance.


The abrasive belt grinding Finishing Machine is a new product on the market and it has quickly become a popular choice for those who need a high-quality finishing surface on their products. The machine is very easy to operate and can produce very fine, smooth surfaces on most types of materials. It is also very affordable, making it a great option for small businesses and industries that need high-quality finishes but don't have the money to spend on more elaborate machines.



About polishing Grinding Finishing Machine



Polishing Grinding Finishing Machine is a high-efficiency tool for grinding and finishing of various materials. It has a large worktable and powerful electric motor for fast and smooth grinding and finishing. The machine is easy to operate and can be used in small or large production lines.


Polishing grinding finishing machine is a kind of grinding machine which can be used to polish the surface of the parts. The polishing process helps to remove imperfections, scratches, and other marks from the parts. The polished surface gives the parts a smooth finish and makes them look nicer.






1. Double grinding station, can be equipped with coarse/fine abrasive belt, or abrasive belt/abrasive non-woven cloth polishing and drawing belt.



2. Double processing platform: Xiangsheng patented vacuum adsorption operation platform and wide flat worktable, which has a wide processing range. 



3. A variety of surface treatment processes can be realized: welding point grinding, welding excess height removal, scratch removal, surface roughening, precision straight short wire (No.4 snowflake sand pattern), HL straight filament, etc.


4. Unique contact roller and sanding pad design, and unique hand-held lower platen for various types of sanding processes.


5. Stable long abrasive belt grinding system, frequency-controlled abrasive belt to meet as many technological requirements as possible.


Suitable for processing: processing of complete sets of electrical cabinets, processing of wide metal door panels, non-standard customized high-grade stainless steel forming cabinets, etc.


Optional model: fully automatic grinding of door panels and plane grinding of super large parts SG3800-2






Max.working width


Dust extraction capacity


Max.working length


Total power


Machine opening


Belt size


Compressed air




Machine size




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