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Vibratory finisher

Vibratory finisher SD300-JS+D would be the optimal choice for small flat punching, fine blanking, and precision machined parts.

Vibratory finisher

Vibratory finisher - JONSEN SANDER Vibratory finisher

Product details presentation

vibratory finisher

Equipment function

Deburring, edge rounding, and flash removal for punching, shearing, laser cutting parts. It keeps parts original thickness, deburring and rounding the edges and holes on the parts. It is widely used in processing automobile parts, and precision machined parts.

Product specifications




working width





Abrasive media


Wide abrasive belt, various type disk brush available (Dupont Fiber, Sand paper+Scotch Brite….)









Planetary disk brush station main motor





feeding rate





Wide abrasive belt head main motor





Disk brush quantity of planetary station






Machine weight



Machine characteristic overview

Vibratory finisher


1.       Dry operation


2.       Conveyor feed through type, high efficiency


3.       One pass for both deburring and edge rounding.


4.       Wide abrasive belt head for sanding out bigger size burrs, planetary disk brush station for precision deburring and edge    rounding


5.       Two work stations can operate individually or together to meet each specific requirement.


6.       Standard magnetic conveyor table to reduce minimum part size required. It is capable of processing most of ferrous

        parts, also configurable of vacuum conveyor table for processing stainless steel and non-ferrous parts


7.       Straight forward and user-friendly operation


8.       Auxiliary LED lighting inside machine


9.       Dust collection hood is installed inside the machine.


10.   Small machine footprint


Optional configuration


1.       For parts with bigger burrs, dual wide abrasive belt head (2JS) configuration is available.


2.       For parts with only sharp edges or minor burrs, planetary disk brush stations alone is available. Wet operation is also available.


3.       For wet operation machine, optional machine exit air knife and water squeeze is available for drying the parts.


4.       Optional de-magnetizing unit at machine exit.


vibratory finisher



Ideal parts

About Vibratory finisher


Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum


Thickness range: 1mm and up


Minimum part size: 30 x 30 mm (ferrous metal)


vibratory finisher - JONSEN SANDER


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