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JONSEN Excellent TOP/BOTTOM deslagging machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting SG1600-3TB+3B

The Jonsen SG1600-3TB+3B excels in slag and dross removal while achieving a clean, smoothly rounded edge on both the top and bottom surfaces in a single pass.

At the heart of this machine lies a breakthrough technology: six stations featuring Jonsen's patented "deslagging and deburring vertical belt." This innovation involves a vertical rotating rubber-based belt, housed within a flexible metal alloy pillar and abrasive block. This dynamic setup is dedicated to refining cutting parts.

The primary focus of the deslagging and deburring tooling is edge refinement, ensuring an efficient operation. In stark contrast to the labor-intensive and uninspiring manual deburring process, the SG1600-3TB+3B offers a self-contained and thorough deburring solution that maintains a clean working environment.

JONSEN Excellent TOP/BOTTOM deslagging machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting

JONSEN Excellent TOP/BOTTOM deslagging machine for plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation

About Deburring machine


The Deburring Machine is a machine that is used to remove the unwanted material from a surface. It can be used to remove metal, plastic, and other materials from surfaces. The Deburring Machine has multiple blades that are used to remove the material.


Common uses for a deburring machine are in the manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays and other electronic components. The process of deburring can be time-consuming and is often done by hand.



About Sheet Metal Deburring Machine



Sheet metal deburring machines are used to remove burrs and other imperfections from sheet metal. These machines use a variety of techniques, including abrasive wheels, diamond discs, and lasers.


Sheet metal is a type of metal that is thin and has a smooth surface. It is used in a variety of products, including cars and airplanes. The metal must be smooth because it can easily be scratched. When it is scratched, the metal can start to rust.


Sheet metal deburring machines have been used for many years to remove burrs and imperfections from metal parts. They work by using a rotating sandpaper disc that removes the metal without damaging the surface.



Machine feature


1.TOP/BOTTOM processing in one pass, heavy plate no need of turning over.  

2.The whole upper pinch roller systems controlled by PLC for different thickness of parts. 

3.Heavy duty roller feed system 

4.Work with dust collector 

5.Modular design of the deslagging and edge rounding station.


Option model:


Consumer material :Flexible metal alloy pillar, abrasive flap/nylon block 





Good to process: Carbon steel cut by plasma-oxy-fuel-cutting machine 




Max.working width


Working thickness


Feed speed




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