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Efficient metal deburring edge rounding and finishing machine SGP1000

It is used for batch burr removal, blunting of sharp edges and corners, surface polishing, etc.

The core grinding station is ground with a powerful wide abrasive belt combined with a flexible grinding roller group to achieve a continuous and uniform grinding effect.

The high-efficiency and clean processing characteristics are suitable for the workpiece to enter the next process such as hemming, surface spraying, welding, etc., which saves the trouble of low efficiency, flying dust, and inconsistent workpiece grinding in manual grinding.


The conveying system adopts vacuum adsorption type, which can meet the batch processing of the same thickness and multiple specifications.

Efficient metal deburring,edge rounding and finishing machine SGP1000
Efficient metal deburring,edge rounding and finishing machine SGP1000

Efficient metal deburring machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About thermal deburring machines



Thermal deburring machines are a valuable tool for removing sharp edges and corners from parts. These machines use both heat and pressure to smooth out the surface of the part, reducing the number of required cuts.


There are many different types of thermal deburring machines on the market. The most common type is a rotary-style deburring machine. It has a rotating drum that removes the roughness from the surface. Another type is a laser deburring machine. It uses a laser to remove the roughness from the surface. There is also a water-jet deburring machine. It uses a high-pressure stream of water to remove the roughness from the surface.



About Efficient metal deburring edge rounding and finishing machine



Introducing the Efficient Metal Deburring Edge Rounding and Finishing Machine, a device that can quickly and easily round and finish edges of metalwork. The machine is easy to operate, requiring just a few simple steps to produce precise results. With its ability to handle a wide range of materials, the Efficient Metal Deburring Edge Rounding and Finishing Machine is an ideal tool for any shop looking to improve their deburring and finishing skills.


Efficient metal deburring edge rounding and finishing machine is designed to quickly round and finish the edges of metal parts. It provides consistent, accurate results with minimal human labor. This machine is also easy to operate, making it ideal for small shops and home workshop.



Machine feature :


1.High rigidity machine frame by sand blasting. 


2.Front wide belt grinding station for big burrs preprocessing. The whole grinding contact roller is lift by servo motor.  


3.Planetary 6pcs brushing system, either two brushes are tuning in different direction. The whole brush drive assembly rotates and oscillate for en even processing.




4.Vacuum table for holding min.60X60mm flat parts. 


5.SKF high speed bearing used on belt and brush drive. 


6.SGP1000 is working mainly on edges, so can do the deburring job for the laminated parts.



7.Long time use of brush. 


8.PLC control and touch screen.



Optional models:



1. Soft metal deburring and edge rounding, use the model SP1000 



2. Big burrs removal and deburring, consider the model SGGP1000, two abrasive belt grinding station + one brushing station 



3. For special industries that require chamfered wire drawing workpieces, the wide abrasive belt wire drawing workpiece can also be arranged behind the flexible wire grinding roller. SPG1000


Magnetic table for carbon steel, stainless iron and other parts.


Suitable for processing:


1. Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials. 



2. Allow the workpiece with protective film to be processed while retaining the protective film to the greatest extent.


3. Deburring workpieces with a thickness within the range of 0.5mm-50mm and a width within 1000mm.


Large chamfering process requirements before spraying, up to 2mm. 





Machine working width



Wide belt and abrasive strip brush

Machine opening


Pcs of brush


Feed speed




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