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Deburring machine for fine blanking and precision stamping parts SD300-WJS+3D

Xiangsheng SD300-WJS+3D deburring equipment is suitable for high-precision deburring, removal of burrs, edge cleaning, and surface roughness improvement of flat workpieces such as fine blanking parts, precision stamping parts, and precision surface grinding (such as valve plates). processing.

It is usually combined with unwinding and fine blanking machine blanking, precision double-end grinding machine processing, and high-speed precision punching blanking to remove burrs and scratches generated by stamping and grinding, and through continuous processing to obtain beautiful, burr-free and fine surface. Bulk parts.

Deburring machine for fine blanking and precision stamping parts SD300-WJS+3D

Sheet Metal Deburring Machine - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation

About Deburring machine



The Deburring Machine is a machine that is used to remove the unwanted material from a surface. It can be used to remove metal, plastic, and other materials from surfaces. The Deburring Machine has multiple blades that are used to remove the material.


Common uses for a deburring machine are in the manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays and other electronic components. The process of deburring can be time-consuming and is often done by hand.



About Sheet Metal Deburring Machine



Sheet metal deburring machines are used to remove burrs and other imperfections from sheet metal. These machines use a variety of techniques, including abrasive wheels, diamond discs, and lasers.


Sheet metal is a type of metal that is thin and has a smooth surface. It is used in a variety of products, including cars and airplanes. The metal must be smooth because it can easily be scratched. When it is scratched, the metal can start to rust.


Sheet metal deburring machines have been used for many years to remove burrs and imperfections from metal parts. They work by using a rotating sandpaper disc that removes the metal without damaging the surface.



Machine feature



1.Wide belt grinding station+ planetary top brush deburring and finishing station.




2. Magnetic type feed table 




3.Special design of  conveyer belt QUICK CHANGE 


4.PLC control of every station 


5.High efficient use, low service cost 


6.Grinding and deburring data showing on touch screen 


7.Automatic top brush abrasive material  compensation 


8.The Oil mist separation and recovery device


9.Precision paper filtration.


Option model:



The various combinations of belt grinding and top brush deburring or finishing.




Max. Width


Top brush


Machine opening


Table height


Feed speed


Abrasive belt


Speed of brush shaft

1480r/min variable

Speed of brush assembly




Total power




Machine size


commercial polishing machine

Wide belt polishing machine SG1030-WJS+DB

Belt grinding machine

Belt grinding machine SGP1000

burr removing machine

Burr removing machine SGB1000

thermal deburring machine

Thermal deburring machine SGP800


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