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What are the product types of the deburring machine

duhui 2021-05-21

  What are the product types of deburring machines?

  1. Mechanical Law

  With the help of an industrial manipulator, the rotating wire brush or grinding wheel is clamped, and the joint arm motion of the manipulator is used to polish the burr to remove the burr. The manipulator can select wire brushes or grinding wheels from the shelf of the tool library to adapt to the needs of removing burrs on different parts of the parts. However, this method is often not suitable for use in many situations because the arm joints of the manipulator lack sufficient rigidity and precision. Moreover, due to the different structure of the parts, some parts cannot be deburred by this method, and other deburring equipment has to be equipped.

What are the product types of the deburring machine

  2. Vibration method

  This is designed for the deburring of smaller rotating parts or diamond-shaped parts. The parts are placed in a large container filled with granular ceramic media. The size of the media varies according to the type, size and material of the burr part. The rapid reciprocating vibration of the container makes the parts of the parts move and rub against the ceramic medium to remove burrs and polish the surface of the parts. The strength of the vibration can be adjusted to suit parts of different sizes.

  3. Thermal Energy Method

  The process of thermal deburring is a process of oxidizing into powder at high temperature. The thermal deburring machine seals the parts with burrs in a container filled with high-pressure combustible gas and oxygen. The burrs on the parts, whether on the outside, inside, or blind holes, are surrounded by this mixed gas. After the spark plug ignites the mixed gas, it generates an instantaneous high temperature heat wave. Because the ratio of the surface area of ??the burr part to the gas is quite high, the burr burns, and the burr continues to oxidize and transform within a cycle time of 15 to 30 seconds. Powder, and then clean the workpiece with solvent.

  This method is the only method that can uniformly remove burrs. It can remove all unnecessary materials from the surface of all parts, and even remove burrs from hard-to-reach internal grooves and intersecting holes, and afterwards No need to check. Therefore, it is widely used in the deburring process of ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts.

  4. Electrochemical method

  The electrochemical (also known as electrolysis) deburring machine dissolves the metal material from the part into the electrolyte through the electrochemical reaction, thereby removing the burr on the part. The tool electrode is connected to the negative pole of the DC power supply, and the burr parts are connected to the positive pole of the power supply. The electrolyte is passed through at a certain pressure and flow rate, and then the DC power supply is turned on. In this way, the metal as the anode will gradually undergo electrochemical dissolution to achieve removal the purpose of the burr (or molding).

  The electrolysis method can effectively remove burrs of any size with high quality. During the processing, since the tool electrode (cathode) is not worn and its position can be fixed, the operation is very simple, the productivity is high, and it is suitable for automatic processing; no thermal stress and mechanical stress are generated in the process, and the workpiece will not be deformed; The applicable range of materials and hardness is wide.

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