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Types of Belt Grinding Machines

duhui 2022-03-01

About Belt Grinding Machine:


Types of Belt Grinding Machines

Several Varieties To Choose From

Another benefit of belt grinders is that they come in a variety of styles, so you can choose one that will best fit your business’s needs.

Stationary Grinder

If your workshop has room for it, one of the more popular options is the stationary belt grinder. This is a stand-up model that will stay in one spot on your shop floor, as it is somewhat bulky and difficult to move. The convenient thing about this grinder is that you have total control of the grinding process, as you will be physically holding your working material. This belt grinder is an automatic machine, meaning the belt will feed through on its own, hands-free. This allows you to maneuver your material against the abrasive belt as it pulls along automatically. In addition, it gives you more control over the grinding process and allows you to make more careful marks.

Bench Belt Grinder

Bench belt grinders are a good option for those workshops that don’t have a lot of room to add new tools. A bench-top model works very similarly to the stationary model, but you’ll have to sacrifice some belt length and working space due to the small size. However, they do have their perks too. Bench-top models are very convenient, are always at arm’s length of your workstation, and sit at a comfortable height.

Belt Grinding Machine

Handheld Grinder

Handheld varieties are the most convenient types of metal grinders because they are portable. You can take these grinders wherever your project takes you, whether that’s around the workshop or outside of it. On the other hand, you will sacrifice some control when working with this model because it is handheld instead of automatic. Although, if you want to apply more direct pressure to your materials, this is the model for you.

With all the above grinder options, you can also switch up the belts for even more variety. Try a different abrasive material, hardness, or grit for a different quality finish. Abrasive grinding belts come in numerous sizes and materials, so you can cater this choice to your project and business needs.


Another benefit of the belt grinder is how useful it can be for several different jobs. Some of the most popular applications for metal grinders are finishing, deburring, and stock removal. Finishing helps smooth out the rough surface of your materials and provides a polished look for final products. Deburring and stock removal involve stripping burrs, corrosion, and other unwanted surface elements from your material to make it useable for a final product. The belt grinder might even have the potential to replace some other one-trick equipment around your shop.

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