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Maintenance knowledge of Deburring machines

duhui 2022-02-21

About Deburring machines:


Maintenance knowledge of Deburring machines

The maintenance of the rotary head of the deburring machine is similar to that of the water pump of the deburring machine. The rotary head also works under high pressure. Its seals need to be replaced regularly. If it is replaced when there is water leakage, it is possible that the water has penetrated into the bearing. , the loss is even greater.

  Conventional maintenance principles for deburring machines In addition to the maintenance of deburring machines, the water and workpiece residues on the work surface of the deburring machine should be cleaned up after each use. It is also necessary to regularly clean the dust inside the electrical box, and maintain the water pump of the deburring machine. The water pump of the deburring machine runs under the working pressure of 7Mpa, and the curved bearing inside is under very high pressure. If the lubricating oil does not work after a period of time. If it is replaced immediately, it will cause very serious consequences. This one is easily overlooked by many deburring machine users, and we should pay attention to it. Because the water pump is a very important part in the deburring machine, if there is a problem with this part, it will affect the use of the entire machine tool.

Deburring machines

    Such as the dust on the power resistor, the dust on the discharge bridge stack, especially the dust on the printed circuit board, this is conducive to the heat dissipation effect of the electrical components. If the dust on the printed circuit board is not removed for a long time, it will easily absorb water and corrosive things in the air, corrode the original small conductive copper skin, and cause the failure of the machine tool.

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