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How to maintain Belt Grinding Machine

duhui 2021-12-09

About Belt Grinding Machine:

How to maintain Belt Grinding Machine?


Belt Grinding Machine is generally maintained in this way, usually pay attention to some small details, first of all, the newly purchased abrasive belt should be hung for at least a few days before use. Why must hang? Eliminate curling caused by packaging. Before using the suspended abrasive belt, perform necessary visual quality inspections to check whether the abrasive belt joints are flat.

Belt Grinding Machine

Whether there are holes, sand blocks, lack of sand, glue spots, and wrinkles on the surface of the company's abrasive belt; whether the edges of the abrasive belt are neat, whether there are cracks, and whether there are small cracks on the edges, which will affect the cutting (cutting into a circular arc). Only the correct selection and use of abrasive belts can correctly solve various problems in the use of abrasive belts and ensure the superiority of abrasive belt grinding and the best grinding performance of abrasive belts.


What brand of Belt Grinding Machine is better?


The Belt Grinding Machine has a wide range of uses, and the modification is too heavy. Modification is not easy.


The purpose of Belt Grinding Machine is mainly used to process the rims and burrs of stamping parts and spinning parts, and it can also process the welds of welded parts. In the glass, resin, ceramic, plaster and marble manufacturing industries, it can also be used to treat flat surfaces and workpiece edges.


There are many types of belts for belt conveyors. The number and size of abrasive belts vary with the workpiece to be polished.


3M abrasive belt: 3M abrasive belt has uniform sand grains, durable and wear-resistant, suitable for logs, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, veneer, furniture, building materials, etc.; metal processing industry: non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, ceramics, leather, fiber, Paint, plastic and rubber products, stone, etc.


Lu Brand Abrasive Belt: It is heat-resistant and waterproof, suitable for dry grinding, can be added with coolant, and has a good grinding effect. Sharp abrasive belt: suitable for coarse, medium and fine grinding and polishing of decorative boards, artificial boards, marble, ceramics, glass, plastics, non-ferrous metals, alloys, stainless steel and other materials.


South Korea Sun Abrasive Belt: Alumina hard cloth, mainly used for the grinding of ordinary metals and hardwoods.

Where to buy Belt Grinding Machine?

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