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Sheet metal deburring machine

Sheet metal deburring machine is a very versatile machine model. The wide abrasive belt head of Sheet metal deburring machine is capable of sanding down and removing the bigger burrs on the parts, or using it for whole surface finishing purpose. 

Sheet metal deburring machine

Sheet metal deburring machine - JONSEN SANDER

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Sheet metal deburring machine

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  PRODUCT NAME:Sheet metal deburring machine


  Sheet metal deburring machine

  Product Description:


  1. Used for deburring, wire drawing and polishing of flat metal plates (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.).


  2. The main structure of this machine is a combination of abrasive belts and different types of brushes for deburring and grinding. Each station can be used independently or in combination, suitable for a variety of products and processes required by the factory.


  Sheet metal deburring machine



  1. Pneumatically controlled eccentric grinding wheel, which can be lifted and lowered independently. When the equipment fails, all the grinding wheels will automatically rise and fall to protect the materials from damage;


  2. Specially made tension cylinder with large bore, high stability;


  3. Independent bearing hanging plate, easy to adjust;


  4. Automatic thickness measurement function, automatically locate the thickness of the plate;


  5. The damping belt deviation knob can adjust the belt deviation, and the operation is simple and convenient.


  6. The deburring machine can be used for wet or dry methods.


  7. Convenient operation, touch screen operation panel, LED light source inside the equipment, convenient to observe the processing status of the workpiece.


  8. The automatic deburring machine has different combinations of grinding heads, which are suitable for different requirements of the workpiece. For laser cutting stamping parts, deoxidation, polishing, deburring, polishing, and rounding can be performed.


  Sheet metal deburring machine

  Packaging and transportation:


  1. The first step of the broadband polishing and deburring machine is to pack the waterproof membrane.


  2. The wide band polishing and deburring machine is packed in wooden boxes.


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