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Metal deburring machine

Metal deburring machine - Adoption of centrifugal force theory to process the workparts with improved efficiency of 5-10 times, applicable to process medium and large size workparts in large amount load, especially for the complex structure workparts. Metal deburring machine enjoys the small sound and easy operation capability.

Metal deburring machine

Metal deburring machine - JONSEN SANDER

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  PRODUCT NAME:Metal deburring machine


  1.Hand feeding, automatic blade driving and retracting, high speed, doubles the production capacity.


  2.Fits for endface interior and external angles of pipes and bars, can finish the riveting and coping in a single time with quickness and good accuracy.


  3.Metal deburring machine - To ensure the stability of the centerline between the processing piece and saw plate, the clamping die and saw plate are precisely designed and can finish the processing evenly at a single time.


  4.The saw plate is specially designed, saw blade standardized, the adjustment of blade is easy and quick.


Metal deburring machine


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