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Burr removing machine

Product Name: Burr removing machine

Burr removing machine - Efficient and economical deburring SGP800, chamfering and surface finishing machine, suitable for various products with various processes needed by factories.

Burr removing machine

Burr removing machine - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation

  Burr removing machine - It is suitable for laser cutting, punching, shearing, etc. Generally, parts with small and medium burrs and sharp edges. It produces more consistent results. Deburring and edge rounding are significantly more efficient than using hand tools. There will be no more metal dust just dispersed into the air, which will be effectively extracted from the machine.


Burr removing machine


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Machine characteristic overview

         Wheel polishing machine


1.       Wet operation.


2.       SKF precision bearings are used to achieve optimal performance and durability.


3.       Heavily constructed machine frame for longer machine life span.


4.       Rubberized roller type conveyor to provide smooth feeding.


5.       Optional connecting roller conveyors at machine entrance and exit for feeding and receiving long and heavy parts, sync height movement with the machine.


6.       Automatic cutting fluid filtration unit.


7.       Optional reciprocating type processing.


8.       Maximum working width: 1300mm/1650mm/1900mm.

Optional configuration

The planetary grinding barrel station consists of 4 grinding barrels (2 rotating clockwise, 2 rotating counterclockwise)

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