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Burr removing machine

Burr removing machine - The metal deburring machine has metal surface treatment technology. Burr removing machine is suitable for thin and thick plates, grinding, deburring, slagging, and trimming.

Burr removing machine

Burr removing machine - JONSEN SANDER

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Burr removing machine

Technical datasheet


Maximum working width






Working thickness range






Minimum working length






Wide abrasive belt dimension






Conveyor feeding rate






Total power






Machine dimension






Machine weight






  PRODUCT NAME:Burr removing machine


  1.This equipment is used to remove residual burrs on both ends of the copper pipe after cutting.


  2.The equipment uses a PLC controller, fully considering factors such as safety, convenient debugging, simple operation, automatic processing and discharging after the vibrating plate is loaded, with a fast pace and high efficiency.


  3.The equipment control system shall have an automatic counting function, which can accurately count the processing quantity.


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Burr removing machine


  Burr removing machine - This metal working deburring machine is a perfect solution for deburring, grinding, polishing and edges rounding.  High quality level but good price for grabbing market share. Contact us for more details now!


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