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thermal deburring machine



Thermal deburring machine


Features and advantages:


100% deburring-cleanliness


Consistent and repeatable deburring of internally difficult-to-reach cross holes/cross-sections and external contours of components.


Accurate gas metering through mass flow control: The mass flow control device is used to precisely adjust the gas mixture to provide the proper pressure in the chamber.


Hydraulic and fixed closing plate: The deburring chamber is sealed, which eliminates pollution problems and ensures production safety.


User-friendly and extensible programmable: logic controller (PLC) / HMI software facilitates quick parameter setting; convenient machine monitoring with integrated fault diagnosis function.


Integrated noise reduction shell: The shell prevents noise from being emitted into the production environment and ensures the safety of machine operators.


Productivity: Combined with post-cleaning, the productivity of the entire TEM process is significantly improved.


thermal deburring machine - JONSEN SANDER


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