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edge rounding deburring machine


Product details presentation

edge rounding deburring machine

Machine characteristic overview

Edge rounding deburring machine


1.       Dry operation, therefore low production and maintenance cost. The machine usually has a long life which means the return

        on investment is high.


2.       Conveyor feed through type, high efficiency


3.       First wide abrasive belt head for initial sanding, and zig-zag disk brush station for deburring and edge rounding. Each

        station can work individually or together.


4.       Other combinations of work stations are also available.


5.       Optional magnetic or vacuum conveyor bed to accommodate and process small parts


6.       Straight forward and user-friendly operation


7.       Auxiliary LED lighting inside machine


8.       Dust collection hood is installed inside the machine.



Optional configuration

Edge rounding deburring machine


1.       Magnetic or vacuum conveyor bed to accommodate and process small parts


2.       Wide abrasive belt head and zig-zag disk brush station for strong deburring/de-slagging/edge rounding.


3.       A combination of wide abrasive belt heads and polishing barrels is available for surface finishing such as No.4 and Hairline.


4.       A combination of wide abrasive belt heads, zig-zag disk brush station, and polishing barrels is available.


5.       Maximum working width available is 1280 mm


6.       Dust collector


edge rounding deburring machine


Ideal parts

Edge rounding deburring machine


Edge rounding deburring machine


1.       Most of metal material type


2.       Thickness range: 1mm-80mm


Edge rounding deburring machine - JONSEN SANDER


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Application of rounding sander


Most people think of a sander as a tool for stripping paint or preparing a wood surface for staining. However, the application of a rounding sander can be much more versatile, especially when working on furniture projects.


A rounding sander is a type of power sander that uses an abrasive pad to round off sharp edges and corners on wood. This can be especially useful when working on projects that require precise shaping and sanding, such as detailed trim work or inlays.


Rounding sanders are also great for creating smooth, curved edges on furniture pieces. This can give your project a more polished look and make it easier to apply finishes evenly.


Rounding sanders are excellent tools for rounding over the edges of wood. Rounding sanders can be used to create a variety of different edge profiles, from a simple roundover to a more complex ogee or bead. Rounding sanders are also great for breaking the edge of wood, which can be useful when you want to create a distressed look.


Features and advantages of rounding sander


A rounding sander is a useful tool for anyone who wants to create curved or rounded edges on their workpieces. This type of sander can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Rounding sanders are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any user.


Some of the features and advantages of rounding sanders include:

-Rounding sanders can create smooth, curved edges on your workpieces.

-They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

-Rounding sanders can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

-Most rounding sanders are relatively easy to use and require minimal setup time.

Machine specification


Maximum working width






Disk brushes (various type available), wide abrasive belt


Minimum working length




Disk brush station power




Conveyor feeding rate




Wide abrasive belt power




Disk brush dimension




Machine weight




Machine dimension





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