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Gantry type precision wide abrasive belt fixed thickness grinding equipment SG1950-4WJS

Xiangsheng SG series gantry type wide abrasive belt precision grinding equipment is an integrated high-end precision abrasive belt grinding system with many years of abrasive belt grinding technology and experience of Xiangsheng team.

It is widely used in the precision grinding of flat workpieces and parts such as titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, aluminum-nickel alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as fine and consistent surface processing.

Gantry type precision wide abrasive belt fixed thickness grinding equipment SG1950-4WJS

Wide abrasive belt Metal Grinding Machine - JONSEN SANDER

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About wide abrasive belt Metal Grinding Machine


Wide abrasive belt metal grinding machines are designed for grinding large and heavy parts. They are often used in the automotive, construction, and military industries. The belts use a variety of materials to grind away at the metal, including sandpaper, stone, and cinders.


Wide abrasive belt metal grinding machine is a new type of grinding machine which has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, short time to achieve high accuracy, large workpiece size, and simple structure. It is used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, etc.


Features and advantages of Wide abrasive belt Metal Grinding Machine



The wide abrasive belt metal grinding machine offers several features and advantages that make it an ideal tool for metalworking applications. Firstly, its wide belt allows for a larger surface area to be covered, which can result in higher productivity and more efficient grinding.Secondly, the use of multiple abrasive belts enables flexibility in the range of materials that can be ground, ensuring that a variety of metals can be processed with ease. In addition, the machine's adjustable belt tracking feature ensures that the belt stays in place during processing, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.


Another key advantage of the wide abrasive belt metal grinding machine is its ability to produce a uniform finish across the entire workpiece. This helps to reduce the risk of surface defects and ensures a consistent surface finish.Furthermore, the machine's automated controls and user-friendly interface allow for quick and easy setup and operation, reducing the need for specialized training or expertise. Finally, the durable construction and long-lasting abrasive belts ensure a reliable and dependable tool that can withstand the rigors of heavy use over time. Overall, the wide abrasive belt metal grinding machine offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable asset for any metalworking operation.


About fixed thickness Metal Grinding Machine



Fixed thickness metal grinding machines are used to grind metals into a desired thickness. The machines use a series of discs that rotate at a high speed, grinding the metal into the desired shape. These machines can be used for both small and large batches, and are ideal for producing accurate shapes and sizes.


Fixed thickness metal grinding machine is a new type of grinding machine that has been specially designed to grind fixed thickness metals. It is equipped with special tooling and cutting system that can grind the metal to the desired thickness without any deformation. This machine can save both time and money because it can grind the metal more quickly than traditional grinding machines.



Device function:



Reciprocating worktable: The workpiece is fixed on the precision machining platform, and the worktable is reciprocating through the drive system for automatic reversal/multiple processing purposes. The main structure is a combination of guide rails and ball screws (to ensure machining accuracy and drive stability).


The precision abrasive belt grinding mechanism sands the workpiece surface and controls the final flatness and surface roughness.








1. Gantry type multi-group frame structure: the abrasive belt grinding mechanism is fixed in frame type, and each group of abrasive belt grinding is controlled by servo to accurately position it to process the requirements of different thickness plates and cutting amounts.


2. Single or multiple sets of abrasive belt grinding stations can be configured as required.


3. Wet cold processing: The grinding station rises and falls according to the process servo control, and the processing thickness is set.


4. The inlet and outlet are equipped with high-pressure spray and air-knife drying and cleaning devices to ensure the final fine cleaning of the surface.


5. The amount of sand cutting in a single feed is controllable, and centralized control is adopted.


6. Accuracy up to +/- 0.02 mm


7. Equipped with precision multi-stage filtration system, grinding fluid fine filtration and circulation device.


8. Fast changing device for powerful abrasive belt


9. Quick cleaning device for sanding residues on the inner wall of the grinding area


10. Multiple spray and cooling device for grinding station


11. According to the requirements of the workpiece processing technology, different types of workpieces can be clamped by magnetic, fixture or vacuum conveying systems.




Processing width


Maximum processing length


Maximum processing thickness





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