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Large belt sander SD-F

Jonsen®  SD-F is a pneumatic drive handy operation  machine.

The machine is equipped with a powerful motor ensuring a good performance.

A flexible and useful hand tooling for deburring,finishing and edge rounding work for metal fabrication.  

Good for flat, profiled and curved parts.

Tooling: Steel wire roller, abrasive flap roller, abrasive filament roller, scotch brite nylon roller etc.

Working air: 6Bar  


floor polishing machine
floor polishing machine
floor polishing machine

Large belt sander - JONSEN SANDER

Product details presentation

floor polishing machine

Machine characteristic overview

Jonsen  SD-F is a pneumatic drive handy operation  machine.

The machine is equipped with a powerful motor ensuring a good performance.

A flexible and useful hand tooling for deburring,finishing and edge rounding work for metal fabrication.  

Good for flat, profiled and curved parts.

Tooling: Steel wire roller, abrasive flap roller, abrasive filament roller, scotch brite nylon roller etc.

Working air: 6Bar

Optional configuration


1.       Additional wide abrasive belt head(s) on the front for sanding down heavier burrs or for high hardness alloy material is available, for example 2 wide abrasive belt heads.


2.       Additional wide abrasive belt head(s) on the back for straight line surface finishing is available, for example 1 wide abrasive belt head after the planetary abrasive barrel station.


floor polishing machine

Technical datasheet


Maximum working width






Working thickness






Min. working size






Machine weight






Conveyor feeding rate



 0.5-5m/min variable speed



Number of abrasive cylinders






Speed of whole head rotation



0-9.6r/min variable speed




Speed of brush spindle



0-1575r/min variable speed



Size of abrasive cylinder



Φ385x300mm /Φ295mmx350mm



Total power






Dust extraction






Machine size





Ideal parts

Large belt sander


1.       Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and etc.


2.       Parts with protective vinyl film (machine will not damage the film, therefore protect the surface underneath)


3.       Working thickness range from 0.5mm-100mm


4.       Carbon steel parts that require large radius on the edges


Large belt sander - JONSEN SANDER


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