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What are the main applications of deburring machines

duhui 2021-05-26

  What are the main applications of deburring machines?

  Deburring machine is mainly used to remove drilling burrs, surface oxide layers and purifying board surface of printed circuit boards. The 30Kg/cm2 high-pressure cleaning pump can completely remove drilling burrs and surface dirt. It is a key equipment to ensure the quality of PCB board holes.

What are the main applications of deburring machines

  The deburring machine is widely used for deburring, deburring, chamfering, rust removal, descaling, electroplating pretreatment, and removing knives, etc. of small and medium precision parts. The deburring machine has polishing and brightening at the same time as deburring. , Clean new energy. It is especially suitable for the problem of deburring some complicated shapes, miniature precision parts, special-shaped easily deformable thin arms, thin slices, narrow slits and other parts. The biggest advantage of the deburring machine is that it does not change the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece while deburring, the appearance and feel are significantly improved, and it has the functions of polishing and brightening. After finishing polishing, the surface of the workpiece can reach the mirror brightness.

  The deburring machine has been widely promoted in the mass production and processing of small and medium-sized parts, completely replacing the backward traditional deburring process, and the deburring efficiency and benefit have been significantly improved.

  Deburring machines have been widely used in machinery manufacturing deburring, electronic parts deburring, instrumentation deburring, light industry, clock and watch parts deburring, military aerospace, textile equipment special parts deburring, auto parts deburring, bearing industry, Medical equipment, precision parts deburring, powder metallurgy, metal stamping deburring, handicrafts, tools and other industries. The performance of deburring, deburring, chamfering, rust removal, descaling, removal of processing marks, polishing, fine polishing, mirror polishing, etc., for small and medium precision workpieces is significantly improved, which can completely replace or surpass the expensive imported deburring polishing Equipment, many domestic production enterprises directly benefit.

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