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How Does a Deburring Machine Work

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How Does a Deburring Machine Work?

What does a deburring machine do? A typical deburring machine contains one or more tools for smoothing burrs out of the machined metal. The orientation of the tools allows for consistent, quality deburring.

Many deburring machines use brush, disc or belt heads for grinding burrs out of workpieces. Some machines use a single head, whereas other more advanced machines use several:

Brush heads: Rotating brush heads work effectively on small, delicate parts because they can remove unwanted burrs without damaging the metal or its surface coatings. They are also highly effective at edge rounding and can generally rotate through 360 degrees to reach inaccessible areas on the workpiece.

Deburring machines

Disc heads: Disc heads are also well suited to small, delicate parts. Their rotating pads create a distinctive pattern that helps to keep the workpiece from fracturing under stress.

Belt heads: Belts run on continuously turning drums. They have excellent reach and can effectively remove burrs from a workpiece’s edges and sides. One downside, however, is that though they are well suited to removing vertical burrs, they can sometimes shift material to the sides of a workpiece, creating new lateral burrs.

One of the benefits of using a deburring machine is the variety of configurations it offers. In many machines, the deburring tools consist of polyamide fibers coated with rough abrasives, similar to sandpaper grains. The abrasives wear down the burrs to leave the machined metal smooth.

Different grain sizes and materials are suitable for different metal hardnesses and various applications. Some of the most commonly used grains include the following:

Aluminum oxide


Cubic boron nitride (CBN)


Silicon carbide.

Deburring machines may also be wet or dry machines. Some dust from machined materials is flammable, and a spark from grinding metal can easily ignite it. A wet machine moistens the dust as it works to prevent the dust from catching fire and posing a safety hazard.

How can you choose the right machine for your applications? Your selection will depend on the nature of the parts you most often machine. The part size, type of metal, coatings like paint or cladding and desired quality of the finished piece will determine the level of deburring you need. For instance, with some parts, you can merely remove vertical burrs while leaving lateral burrs in place. For higher quality requirements — in components for aerospace or medical applications, for instance — you will need a more advanced machine that can provide sophisticated, comprehensive deburring.

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